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Connecting the TerraBase app with the database server

The app communicates with the database by using small communication server (called 'app server') built in TaTerraBase (only version 8.0 or newer).


Two things need to be done to setup the communication between the database and the app:

  • Configure TaTerraBase (desktop): start app server + add new user
  • Configure TerraBase App (smartphone/tablet): input the path to the server

Configure TaTerraBase (app server)

1. Start the app server in TaTerraBase

It can be manually started in the menu 'Forms', 'App Server'

2. If it is inactive, start the app server.

You can also select 'AutoStart' to start the app server automatically each time TaTerraBase starts.

3. Create a new app user

Only registered users can access the database. Click on 'users' in the app server screen.

Enter the license ID (can be found in the app, menu 'settings', 'about us')

Click in TaTerraBase on the button 'License' to activate the license. The license needs to be authorized by i-Theses to be able to synchronize with the app.

4. Configure the Windows Firewall Setup the firewall

Configure TerraBase App (client)

5. Open the app and open the settings screen

6. Scan the QR code from the app server (see step 1 and 2)

Use the 'scan button' to scan the QR code.

Scan the barcode of the app server


How to use

Add studies from the database to the app

In the studies overview, click on 'server'

Synchronize (send/retrieve) data from a project that already exists in the app

Open the detail screen of the study, click on 'Sync'

Known issues

1. Server not found

  • Both connected to the same network? (Able to ping?)
  • Is the app server started?
  • Is the url of the app server the same as in the app settings?
  • Is the firewall correctly configured? (New firewall rule to allow the port. More info: Setup the firewall)
  • The router doesn't forward the computer name of the server → click in the app server screen on 'reset' and use the new address in the app.

2. Cannot synchronize, 'License id not registered'

  • Create a user in TaTerraBase (see instructions above)

3. Cannot synchronize, 'License id not authorized'

  • The license was not yet approved by i-Theses. Please contact the helpdesk.
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