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Connecting the TerraBase app with TerraCloud

Projects can be exchanged between the app and TaTerraBase by using 'TerraCloud' (cloud service from i-Theses).

All data is secured by using end-to-end encryption (E2E) and HTTPS (TLS).


Two things need to be configured:

  • Configure the App (register the 'Cloud ID')
  • Configure the TaTerraBase-database (register a new app user)

Configure the App

Each company/organisation automatically will receive a unique 'Cloud ID'.
This will be used for safe communication between all devices of the company/organisation.

1. In TaTerraBase, open the TerraCloud window (Forms, TerraCloud)

2. In the app, open the settings-screen and click on the scan-button to scan the QR-code

3. Click on 'Ok' to save

Configure TaTerraBase

All devices that will communicate with the TaTerraBase database, need to be registered in the database.
The registration can be done with the following steps.

1. In TaTerraBase, open the TerraCloud window (Forms, TerraCloud)

2. Click on 'users'

3. Add a new user.

The Email and the Password fields are the same credentials used on

The key can be found in the app (Menu 'settings', 'license id').

4. Click on 'license' to activate the license.

How to use


Upload to the cloud

In the study detail screen, click on 'upload'.

Download from the cloud

On the studies overview, click on 'download'

All uploads of your cloud are listed (last 7 days). Click on download to import.


Download from the cloud

'File', 'Import/Export', 'Import', 'TerraCloud'

Upload to the cloud

'File', 'Import/Export', 'Export', 'TerraCloud'


Problem: We cannot connect with the Cloud due to Firewall restrictions.
Solution: Add an exception to the firewall to the following URL:

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