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 ===== Android ===== ===== Android =====
-Instructions to download and install from the i-Theses website.+=== Step 1: Open the Google Play Store ===
-=== Step 1: enable installation ===+To install the TerraBase app you will need to open the Google Play Store on your device (smartphone/​tablet).
-To install apps without using the Google Play Store, a setting needs to be changed on your smartphone or tablet. 
-  - Go to settings,  +=== Step 2: Search for the TerraBase app ===
-  - Security  +
-  - Enable '​unknown sources'​+
-{{:​app:​android_settings.png?​200|}} +Type "​TerraBase"​ in the search bar of the Google Play Store.\\ The TerraBase ​app is developed by i-Theses.
-=== Step 2download and install ===+{{:app:​play_store_terrabase_search.png?​400|}}
-Use your smartphone/​tablet to navigate to our website and download ​the setup. ​+The store page looks like the following screenshot:
-Open the downloaded file to install.+=== Step 3: Install ===
-=== Step 3: use ===+Click on the Install button on the store page to install the app. 
 +=== Step 4: use ===
 After installation,​ you can start the application by clicking the TerraBase-icon:​ After installation,​ you can start the application by clicking the TerraBase-icon:​
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